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Bob-Lo Boat Button Bob-Lo Boat Key Chain

Only available in one size at this time.  Currently the Bob-Lo Boat Pin is attached to the front of the hat but we are working on getting something better.

Key chains are made of acrylic and are approximately 1" x 2".
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$4.00 + $2.25 S&H $3.00 + $2.00 S&H
Bob-Lo Boat Frame
Bob-Lo Boat Frame Cover Frame Inside view
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Faux leather frame approximately 6" x 8" and holds 2  5"x 6" pictures.  The frame is embossed with BobLo Boat, S.S. Ste. Claire and the ship  on the front.  Inside frame comes with the ship specifications of the ship on the left side and a picture of the Ste. Claire on the right.  Picture/s can be removed so the frame can be used with personal pictures 

$20.00 + $8.25 S&H
Adult Life Preserver  
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$15.00 + $12.25 S&H  


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