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Dear friends, Ron and the rest of the Ste. Claire Restoration Team would like to thank you for your continued support. 

We owe a great deal of thanks to Aaron Schillinger and his documentary crew, Jim Kasuba from the News-Herald, The Detroit Free Press and Channel 4. Their tireless efforts have benefited the project substantially. With all of the publicity that the ship has received we have found a new home for the Ste. Claire, and the major reconstruction can begin. Watch for an update within the coming weeks as we will be announcing the new location and the date of the tow. We hope you will come out to watch the tow of Ste. Claire to her new home.

We would again like to express our thanks to all of you for your continued patience and support. Despite setbacks, opposition and the immensity of this undertaking we have not given up.  With everyone working behind the scenes, the new architectural firm and all of the positive publicity, we are on the right track to bringing the S.S. Ste. Claire back to her glory.

Keep visiting  the website and/or our Captain Bob-Lo Facebook Group for the latest updates.

Help us to "Bring Back The Bob-Lo Boat"

Your donation in any amount will help us to keep the project moving forward. Thanks in advance for your consideration, The Ste. Claire Restoration Project Team.

Detroiter's recall their fondest Bob-Lo Memories 

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