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There have been a lot of obstacles to overcome in the Ste. Claire restoration project.  However, let me assure you that the project is still on course.  In fact, we are closer than ever for the rebuild to begin. 

We have hired a new architectural firm who has truly been great for us.  Not only are they local but they are basically taking us by the hand and guiding us every step of the way. 

So far the firm has come out to the ship and performed testing on the steel.  Most of the beams and poles not only passed the test but exceeded the regulations.  However, some new poles may need to be added for additional support but they will not take away from the historic grandeur of the ship. 

Drawings for the ship will be completed shortly and the next step will be to find a dock or shipyard where building can begin. 

Keep visiting the Bob-Lo Boat website for updates on the progress and/or join our Facebook group Captain Boblo.  

Like Motown the Bob-Lo Boat is an important part of Detroit's history. The Bob-Lo Boat Restoration Project is committed to Detroit and the restoration of the Bob-Lo Boat Ste. Claire. Thank you for your continued support, "Together we can Bring Back the Bob-Lo Boat" If you enjoy the music support the artists, you can purchase Martha and the Vandellas and other great Motown artists at 






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